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Lydian Stone

Content Marketing: Planning, Production & Publishing

About this course

Tap into expert guidance from the frontline and boost your content marketing creative strategy with this packed learning class.

Join this workshop to boost your content marketing with expert top level guidance from the frontline. Make best use of the latest tools and platform developments. Learn from industry best practice to significantly increase your content marketing results.

  • Intermediate
  • 3h
  • 2 classes
  • 6 credits
  • Live, trainer-led class
  • Interactive group exercises
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Unlimited access

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Lydian Stone

Course overview & classes

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Course Overview

Content marketing is the unifying element that brings all other digital marketing ecosystem elements together. It connects your web presence – via search, social media, online advertising and all the other channels – to your audience. It’s crucial for driving brand awareness, lead generation and ultimately sales.

Update your view of the content marketing landscape, including a look at the latest trends and statistics. Gain a firm understanding of all the various content types available from the written word to interactive, video and aggregated content. Develop a strong content production plan spanning copywriting, photography and other related elements. Become a publishing master by learning best-practice guides to everything from choosing domains and content management systems to encouraging staff advocacy and creating a fail-safe approval process.

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  • Class 1: Content Planning


    • Content consumption: Trends and statistics depicting online behavior today
    • Content marketing: Trends and statistics outlining corporate content marketing activity
    • What makes content successful?: Characteristics of successful content
    • Web analytics revolution: Technical developments that make content marketing highly measurable


    • Written word: FAQs, glossaries, reports, whitepapers, newsletters, microsites and more
    • Visual & spoken word: Full overview of audio, video and infographic opportunities
    • Interactive content: Apps, games, competitions and webinars
    • PR-led content: Best practice guidance on how to ‘newsjack’ major developments
    • Internal content: Leveraging intranets to publicize content internally
    • Customer & user-generated: Expert advice on stimulating user-generated content
    • Events-related content: Full outline of content opportunities tied to events
    • Third parties: How to integrate third party content into your plans
  • Class 2: Content Production & Publishing


    • Production guidelines: How to develop a policy to ensure consistent quality and brand positioning
    • Copywriting: Tried-and-tested techniques for drafting effective social copy
    • Photography: Directions on creating successful photographic content for social
    • Video production: Guidelines on creating online video that drives results
    • Microsites & Apps: Third party outsourcing guidelines and supplier recommendations


    • Domain choice: Main, sub-domain, separate domain and external hosted solution benefits
    • Content Management Systems: Best practice set-up and use
    • Digital Asset Management Systems: Best practice set-up and use
    • Publishing on 3rd party sites: Site selection criteria and best practice checklist
    • Approval process: Establishing an approval and sign-off process prior to publishing
    • Staff advocacy: How to encourage advocacy from staff and contributors
    • Landing page optimization: A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
Lydian Stone

Course Trainers

Learn from our skilled trainers, with hands-on experience from the front-line.