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Lydian Stone

Content Marketing: Promotion & Analytics

About this course

Ensure your content is seen by as many eyes as possible with this class covering promotion and measurement.

  • Intermediate
  • 3h
  • 2 classes
  • 6 credits
  • Live, trainer-led class
  • Interactive group exercises
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Unlimited access

Learning outputs

Lydian Stone

Course overview & classes

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Course Overview

It doesn’t matter how strong your content is, if it’s not being distributed properly, promoted adequately and visible to enough people, it’s not doing its job. If you’re struggling to get your content seen, then this class is an essential addition to your learning stream.

Discover how to distribute your content to different audiences through content segmentation. Find out how to plan in social media and syndication via RSS or video. Gain best-practice skills in promoting your content organically and through paid sources. Spread your marketing message to mobile and offline. Discover how to manage communities and build your reputation, even when dealing with crises. Get the lowdown on the latest content management tools. And build an analytics platform that helps you measure your content’s reach and helps you drive growth.

It's all here – so enroll now to take your content distribution and marketing to new heights.

  • Class 1: Content Distribution & Community Management


    • Audience content segmentation: Delivering different content to different audience segments
    • Social media planning: Full overview of the vital role social plays in content distribution
    • Content syndication: Best practice use of RSS and video syndication services
    • Online influencers: How to work with influencers to widen reach
    • Email marketing: The important role of email newsletters and targeted campaigns
    • Display advertising: Traffic generation via display ads and retargeting
    • Programmatic advertising: Understanding the role marketing automation can play
    • Affiliate marketing: Partnering with affiliate sites to widen your distribution channels
    • Mobile marketing: Mobile apps, QR codes, NFC beacons and SMS alerts to drive views
    • Offline marketing: How to extend your distribution efforts offline


    • Comments management: Best practice timely response and dealing with negative comments
    • Engagement rate: Checklist to improve positive engagement levels
    • Crisis management: How to use content marketing for effective reputation management
  • Class 2: Content Marketing Tools & Analytics


    • Tools: Full overview of recommended content marketing tools


    • What does success look like?: How to tie back your analytics to your overarching content goals
    • Content analytics framework: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring performance
    • Google Analytics: Advanced techniques to track web traffic and page views
    • Search performance: How to measure impact in search engines
    • Platform specific: Full overview of free proprietary analytics tools available on all social platforms
    • Measurement tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking content results
    • Competitor benchmarking: How to gauge your performance with key competitors and wider industry
Lydian Stone

Course Trainers

Learn from our skilled trainers, with hands-on experience from the front-line.