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Lydian Stone

Digital Marketing Future Trends

July 9th - 12th

About this course

We’ve diligently – and comprehensively – compiled all of the key digital marketing trends you need to be aware of for the year ahead; so you don’t have to. If you join one training course this year, make it this one and ensure you’re fully up-to-speed with the raft of fast-paced changes afoot in the world of digital marketing.

  • Intermediate
  • 6h
  • 4 classes
  • 12 credits
  • Live, trainer-led class
  • Interactive group exercises
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Unlimited access

Learning outputs

Lydian Stone

Course overview & classes

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Course Overview

Join this intensive online training course and ensure you don’t get caught out by the digital marketing changes on the horizon. Stay knowledgeable and smart for the year ahead.

Hosts of acronyms and key watch words are banded around in the world of digital marketing - with seemingly quickening pace and volatility. The purpose of this course is to help you cut through this maze and make sense of the key digital marketing trends you actually need to be aware of. Stand clear of the hype and hubris. Instead, zero in fast on the impending digital marketing changes that will impact your business and digital strategy.

You will leave this course with a clear-headed purview of digital marketing projections for the year ahead. And, importantly, be ready armed with the latest expert guidance on how to best manage this change and capitalize on wide opening areas of opportunity.

  • Class 1: AI, Chatbots, Voice & Visual Search


    • Get smart & knowledgeable: Brush up on the key future marketing trends you need to know
    • Full digital landscape overview: Gain a bird’s eye view of all trends of note ahead
    • Competitive advantage: Insight into quick foot opportunities to steal a march on your competitors
    • Future-proof your digital strategy: Sense check your plans & build in provisions for the outlook ahead


    • Overview of key trends: Get up-to-date with the most vital AI developments
    • Machine learning: Technical debrief & marketing outlook forecast
    • AI & ramifications for digital marketing: Zero in on how this will impact your strategy for the year ahead


    • Becoming more human-like: Gain an understanding of Natural Language Programming (NLP) and its upcoming impact
    • In-depth customer data & analytics: Potential data insight opportunities to be gain from Chatbots


    • Digital marketing impact: Full overview of upcoming ramifications for digital marketers
    • Voice-activated assistants: Opportunities to integrate with Amazon’s Alex, Apple’s Siri, and Google
    • Virtual assistants take over apps: How to plan into your mobile marketing strategy
    • Voice Search Visibility: Checklist for success


    • Upcoming impact on search: Get up-to-speed with changes ahead
    • Google & Facebook: Full overview of adoption plans
    • Digital strategy impact: Recommendations for integrating into your plans
    • Visual Search Optimization: How to best prepare


    • Search engine algorithm changes: Why clusters of content around specific topics now preferred
    • Cluster strategy: Guidance on content strategy best practice
  • Class 2: Marketing Automation, Personalization & Blockchain


    • Platform developments: Top marketing services & tools set to be deploying automation opportunities
    • Predictive lead scoring: How to integrate into your lead generation strategy
    • Trigger-based campaigns: Full analysis of opportunities & challenges for implementation
    • Dynamic content: How marketing automation promises to scale up dynamic content delivery possibilities


    • Mainstream adoption: How to ensure you remain competitive as barriers-to-entry quickly fall away
    • Technical debrief: Overview of key trends & impending improvements for programmatic
    • Key opportunities: Outline of top opportunities to investigate for your organisation


    • Personalization trends: Where marketing opportunities are opening up
    • Leveraging data insight: How to best connect your marketing data insight to personalization opps
    • Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO): Overview of live Personalization opportunities


    • How it works: Concise technical 1-2-3
    • Ad transparency: Scope ahead for blockchain to cut click fraud
    • Audience incentivization: Facilitating audience rewards in a smooth, fair way
    • Audience targeting: Intelligent blockchain support to more intelligently segment your audience base online
    • Data security: Opportunities for Blockchain technology to prevent data leak
  • Class 3: Digital Experiences, Live Streaming, Augmented & Virtual Reality


    • Rounded user experiences: Articulating the type of experience the average web user will expect in 2019
    • Progressive experiences: How to create progressive user journeys and direct towards clear goals
    • Conversation User Interfaces: The vital role of voice and other new tech to create more engagement


    • Mainstream take-up: Why Live Streaming promises to take centre stage
    • Digital marketing opportunity: Full clarification on how to integrate Live Streaming into your plans


    • Platform run through: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat run through
    • Adoption trends ahead: Outlook for user take-up
    • Creative scope: Overview of the fertile potential Stories offer to inject narrative energy into your campaigns


    • AR and customer experience: Gain an understanding of the opportunity AR offers to create immersion
    • Product placement in real-time: The field for product placement becomes wide open
    • AR & digital strategy: Opportunities to drive creative standout in a distracted marketplace


    • Adoption trends: Gain insight into usage stats and trends ahead
    • Dropping costs: Affordability gains and opening of creative integration into your marketing plan
  • Class 4: Native Ads, Video, Analytics & Insight


    • Context is key: The importance of staying relevant in an advertising-saturated online space
    • Transmedia storytelling: Cross-channel initiatives to widen scope and engagement levels
    • The Internet of Things: Leveraging the opportunity for your digital ads to become physical
    • Gamification: Narrative & reward to keep your audience with you


    • Video viewing trends: Projections for the year ahead & what this means for your marketing plans
    • Video SEO: Grasping the open opportunities currently at play
    • 360-degree video content: How to ride the spike in adoption and creative implementation ideas
    • 1-2- videos: Leveraging personalization with highly targeted on-the-fly videos


    • Growing ambivalence to long-form ads: Overview of key stats and trends
    • Granular life moment targeting: Adapting your marketing to the moment-to-moment reality of fast-moving online experience
    • Snack-ads: Building video ads at less than 10-seconds


    • Adoption trends & marketing scope: Full overview


    • Influencer marketing resurgence: Why influencer marketing is coming back to the fore
    • Increasing influence & visibility: Full run through of stats & figures
    • Long-term influencer relationships: How to nurture influencer campaigns for the long-term


    • Google Analytics: Changes ahead for the top analytics tool
    • Intelligent analytics: How to automate key elements of your analytics
    • Keeping apace: How to ensure your analytics captures the broadening array of digital tactics & tools
Lydian Stone

Class schedule and times

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  • Monday
  • Tuesday

    Class 1: AI, Chatbots, Voice & Visual Search

    11:00 - 12:30

  • Wednesday

    Class 2: Marketing Automation, Personalization & Blockchain

    11:00 - 12:30

  • Thursday

    Class 3: Digital Experiences, Live Streaming, Augmented & Virtual Reality

    11:00 - 12:30

  • Friday

    Class 4: Native Ads, Video, Analytics & Insight

    11:00 - 12:30


Course Trainers

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