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Lydian Stone

Google Ads Optimization & Reporting

About this course

Ensure your campaigns are finely tuned through optimization and advanced remarketing techniques, plus master reporting and analytics with this feature-packed class.

  • Advanced
  • 3h
  • 2 classes
  • 9 credits
  • Live, trainer-led class
  • Interactive group exercises
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Unlimited access

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Lydian Stone

Course overview & classes

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Course Overview

Successful campaigns aren’t launched and left to their own devices. You need to be able to measure their progress and make changes to refine and optimize performance. This AdWord class arms you with the tools to do just that.

Start by optimizing your Ads campaign through such elements as listing positions and automated rules. Boost your Quality Score to future-proof your next campaigns. Become an expert in keyword management to refine your campaign, and discover how to use search remarketing to extend it further. Plus, gain expert insight into campaign testing, reporting and metrics.

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  • Class 1: Google Ads Campaign Optimization


    • Listing position: How to optimise performance by managing your listing position
    • Automated rules: Recommended techniques for supporting your manual efforts
    • Mobile campaigns: Best practice guidance for setting up targeted mobile campaigns
    • Product listing ads: How to make the most of product listing ads & shopping campaigns


    • Google Quality Score: Clear checklist for improving your Quality Score
    • Quality Score best practice: Up-to-the-minute advice to future proof your campaign structure
    • Step improvements: Clear methodology to building to a top Quality Score


    • Keyword matching: Optimizing campaign performance with keyword matching
    • Search term optimization: How to best optimize search term sets on an ongoing basis
    • Longtail keyword management: How to smartly structure campaigns to target large numbers of keywords
    • Negative keywords: Advanced negative keywords strategies to direct traffic appropriately


    • RLSA: Setting up Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
    • Customer Match: Best practice use to support your Ads activity
    • DFSA: Make best use of Demographics for Search Ads
    • Remarketing Lists: Setting up for dynamic search ads


    • Advanced ad testing: Full guidance on experiment design and execution
  • Class 2: Google Ads Reporting & Analytics


    • Top-level insights: Key stats to be watching regularly to monitor results
    • Technical reporting tips: Make full use of labels, segments and dataset comparisons
    • Dimension reporting: Full overview and feature run through
    • Competitor insight: How to closely track your competitor’s activity
    • Strategic guidance: How to track for missed opportunities and areas warranting further investment
    • Importing analytics data: How to gauge traffic quality


    • Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring performance
    • Analytics framework: Advanced analytics framework for tracking results in detail
    • Google Analytics: Best practice set-up to gauge performance
    • Google Data Studio: Visual analytics options to available to support your reporting
    • Conversion tracking: Best practice set-up to optimise your conversion rates
    • Attribution modelling: Conversion paths and attributing to keywords, ad groups or campaigns
    • Industry tools: Full overview of recommended 3rd party tools
Lydian Stone

Course Trainers

Learn from our skilled trainers, with hands-on experience from the front-line.