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Lydian Stone

Social Selling

About this course

Raise your sales strategy to industry best practice by attending this intensive training course. Gain from the singularly most developed social selling workshop available, with training materials honed over the course of training 10,000+ delegates. Get up-to-speed with the latest social media sales developments to maximise your results.

  • Foundation
  • 10h
  • 4 classes
  • 10 credits
  • Live, trainer-led class
  • Interactive group exercises
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Unlimited access

Learning outputs

Lydian Stone

Course overview & classes

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Course Overview

This masterclass will take you through the latest hands-on skills for expertly driving sales with social media, featuring advanced techniques to maximise your results.

Tried-and-tested sales strategies for using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook will be covered in depth. Expert guidance will be offered on utilising the full range of social tools to reach highly targeted prospects.

A dedicated, expert focus on LinkedIn will help you get to grips with the multitude of ways it can propel the sales process. Learn advanced LinkedIn techniques to source leads, qualify prospects and close sales.

Packed with best practice examples and in-depth practical advice, the session will provide you with a full understanding of social and its sales opportunity. You will leave the workshop ready to maximise the opportunity social media presents to fast track the sales process and drive top results.

  • Class 1: Social Sales Strategy


    • Social change: Understanding the industry wide sales shifts being driven by digital & social media
    • Sales trends: Detailed look at social media usage trends
    • Business benefits: Outlining the commercial benefits of social selling


    • Strategy framework: Key elements required to develop an effective social media sales strategy
    • The Social Selling Maturity Model: The different phases of social selling strategy development
    • Different approaches: Overview of different strategic methodologies at your disposal
    • Social media management: Time-saving tools and techniques


    • Prospect targeting: How to target platforms that correlate with your ideal sales prospect
    • Platform demographics: Detailed overview of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms’ user base


    • Segmented target lists: Making the most of demographic search criteria to build your prospect lists
    • Referrals: Making use of your extended network to get warm introductions to prospects
    • Data append services: Taking an email address or other identifier and adding helpful sales insight
    • CRM system link: How to link social media leads with accounts or contacts in your CRM system


    • Listening tools: Recommendations on different free and paid-for options to capture buying signals online
    • Keywords set-up: Use of highly specific keywords and negative keywords to fine-tune targeting
    • Relevancy scoring: Establishing criteria to prioritise lead notification
    • Geotargeting: Utilising tools such as LeadSift and NetBreeze to filter leads by sales territory
    • Automation: Identification, retrieval, categorisation, prioritisation and assigment for response


    • Twitter search: Identifying sales opportunities live on Twitter
    • Twitter advanced search: Making full use of Twitter’s full suite of search parameters
    • Keyword refinement: Analysis, experimentation and continuous refinement to optimise search results


    • Set-up: Establishing activities or events that precede a buying opportunity
    • Full breakdown: VC funding rounds, company acquisition, senior hire, product launch & geographical expansion
    • Sales intelligence tools: InsideView, Lattice Engines, OneSource and Zoominfo


    • Prospect segmentation: Creating lists to curate & monitor all future activity by these leads
    • Hootsuite: How to set up prospect segment watch lists
    • Other tools: Understanding the options available from Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot etc.
  • Class 2: Social Selling Content Strategy & Facebook Sales Fundamentals


    • Prospect decision-making process: Understanding the role of social content in driving final decision
    • Sales content attributes: Research insight into content characteristics that generate action
    • Value proposition: How to set a proposition that appeals to your target prospect
    • Value proposition canvas: Framework for setting your own content strategy
    • Persuasion tactics: Reciprocity, commitment & consistency, consensus, affinity, authority and scarcity
    • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to boost efficiency and drive results
    • Content type: How to best plan your mix of copy, image, video and other multimedia content
    • Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day
    • Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximise engagement



    • Maximise effectiveness of your Facebook Page: Turning Likes into prospects
    • Driving traffic: Proven techniques for growing a targeted audience on your Facebook Page
    • News Feed optimisation: How to maximise visibility in your community’s News Feeds


    • Full overview: Detailed guidance on all paid-for advertising options available on Facebook
    • Bulls-eye targeting: How to target ads by location, connection, demographic and workplace
    • Promoted Posts: Ensure your priority status updates reach a larger audience
    • Copywriting: Draft compelling sales ads that drive click-throughs
    • Budgeting: How to plan campaign costs and minimise budget spend
  • Class 3: LinkedIn for Sales Best Practice



    • Company strategy: Developing a coherent strategy of best practice across your employee base
    • Network visibility: How to engage a targeted network of contacts on an ongoing basis


    • Current contacts: Extend your network easily across your email contacts
    • Advanced search: Locate targeted industry professionals to connect with
    • Offline marketing: Guidance on publicising your LinkedIn presence offline
    • Company engagement: Best practice for engaging companies and spurring them to join your network
    • Requests for introductions: Advice on maximising use of LinkedIn referrals


    • Setting up: Establishing a branded LinkedIn Page presence effectively
    • Google: Optimising your LinkedIn Page for search engines
    • Online video: Integrate video into your Company Page to boost engagement levels
    • User accounts: How to manage set-up of personal and company profile accounts for the long-term
    • Status updates: Target your updates by company size, industry, job function, seniority or geography


    • LinkedIn InMail: How to best use LinkedIn’s email messaging function to engage prospects
    • Message content: Topics and message themes to deliver best response
    • Event promotion: How to maximise exposure of your sales events across LinkedIn
    • Setting up your own LinkedIn Group: Setting a focus, growing a membership, driving discussion
    • Joining 3rd-party LinkedIn Groups: Selecting groups to join, starting discussions, gaining visibility
    • LinkedIn Pulse: Understand the full workings of LinkedIn’s personalised news service
    • LinkedIn algorithm: Understanding how LinkedIn ranks visibility of news stories in contact’s News Feeds


    • Full overview: Detailed guidance on all paid-for advertising options available on LinkedIn
    • Professional targeting: Target professionals based upon industry field, job title, location and company
    • Copywriting: Tried-and-tested techniques for writing compelling ad copy to drive click-throughs
    • Split-testing: Best practice for maximising ROI
    • Budgeting: Outline of cost structure and tips for minimising spend


    • Premium subscriptions: Full overview and recommendations for different levels of signup
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Technical overview on features and advice on whether to sign-up
  • Class 4: Twitter & YouTube Sales, Social Selling Analytics


    • Set-up: Effective account strategies for personal and company branding
    • Twitter Pages: Maximise effectiveness of your Page; best practice background design; verified accounts
    • Building a targeted follower base: How to strategically grow a loyal group of active, engaged followers
    • Prospect search: How to find and connect with an audience of high value prospects
    • Productivity: Proven time-saving techniques for managing Twitter activity
    • Twitter advertising: Full overview of paid-for opportunities


    • Video production: How to creatively produce your own online video content
    • Organic promotion: Hands-on tips for driving views across the web
    • Pay-per-view: Overview of paid opportunities on YouTube and other video-sharing sites
    • Managing comments: How to prioritise managing comments and dealing with negative posts
    • Branded channels: Creating and customising a branded channel on YouTube
    • YouTube insight tool: Detailed overview of YouTube’s self-service analytics and reporting tool


    • Social selling results: Tying outcomes to objectives to ascertain success
    • Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring social selling results
    • Platform specific: Full overview of free proprietary analytics tools available on all social platforms
    • Entire sales funnel: Setting up tagging in your CRM to attribute sales revenue correctly to social efforts
Lydian Stone

Course Trainers

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